Recruitment for candidates

Why use Chappell-Green Recruitment?

You choose – flexible roles or permanent posts?

It’s so important to find a recruitment company that works for you as well as the client, too many recruitment firms don’t and can make you feel let down and not wanted. How many times have you gone for a job and then heard NOTHING, had an interview and heard NOTHING, called to get feedback and heard NOTHING?

The Chappell-Green difference is that we DO call you back, we DO give you feedback, we DO not drop you like a stone when the client selects another candidate. After all, you could be hiring staff yourself one day and we hope that the experience of working with Chappell-Green will make you know where to look for your recruitment solutions as you have experienced it first-hand yourself !

Do you want to become a Chappell-Green Associate?

Firstly, what is a Chappell-Green associate? Well basically, at Chappell-Green we also run a highly successful Consultancy business, where we run projects, of various sizes, for some very major clients.

As part of our consultancy programme we also offer our clients, the opportunity for Chappell-Green to manage the project and or resourcing for them. For these projects we are always on the lookout for great candidates for various roles, including but not limited to: DBA’s, PM’s, Integration Specialists, BA’s etc

If you are keen to know more about these kind of opportunities and working as a Chappell-Green Associate then please contact us.

Permanent candidates

If you’re looking for your next move in to an IT role at whatever level, Chappell-Green Recruitment is your logical recruitment partner. Our consultants will seek to understand your aims and goals, using their knowledge and experience to assess your skills and abilities. They will then carefully match your profile to the right employer and the right role.


If you decide to work with Chappell-Green Recruitment as one of our contractors, you will be well rewarded.  In fact, we will provide you with what we believe is the most comprehensive service in the recruitment sector. You will receive online timesheets and billing, rapid payment, site visits, regular project reviews and a dedicated contractor support manager to handle any problems or queries that you have quickly and efficiently.