Privacy and Cookies

Each time you visit this website, general non-individual specific information about your visit is collected, retained, and aggregated. This type of non-personal information and data is collected through the standard operation of our internet servers using a combination of cookies and HTTP server logs which help us:

  • Monitor traffic on our website for capacity management and efficiency purposes.
  • Identify popular pages allowing us to gauge interest and offer more relevant content.
  • Allow us to determine specific countries or regions interested in the services we offer.
  • Determine the most popular sources of traffic through to our site.
  • Generally to help us provide better services and to know how our potential customers are using our site.

Details of all non-personal information available about each visit can be found on Wikipedia (HTTP Header Fields). Cookies are not required for HTTP traffic logs to be analysed and for meaningful insight to be gleaned. However without the use of session cookies or persistent cookies, there is no reliable way to group together individual page requests as belonging to the same visit.

  • Session cookies are temporary and are deleted when you close your browser. The next time you visit the site it will not recognise you and assume you are a new visitor. No data is available to let the site know that you have previously visited.
  • Persistent cookies remain on your hard drive until you delete them or they expire. The expiry period of cookies depends on how the site was written. During subsequent visits to the site, existing cookies can be read from the hard disk and information about previous visits used to influence the way information is presented.

It is possible to prevent the use of cookies by editing web browser privacy settings. The following are links to update settings in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Information about browser settings is widely available on the web. This website will continue to function without cookies.